Elevate your BIM workflow with our tailor-made template for the UOB plugin content! This template saves setup time while using the UOB content and simplifies your workflow. It gives you a flying start while using the UOB. It’s not just about working faster, it’s about working smarter, with an intuitive, set-up template right at your fingertips.

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DIBS42 Revit template
for UOB

How to get it?

Step 1

Download the UOB 2.0 plugin, sign up, and access the latest library of Revit content tailored to Dutch regulations.

Step 2

Download our DIBS42 Revit template, and save 40% of your setup time.

What is UOB?

Our Revit template is like UOB’s trusty droid. Here’s why:

A flying start and ready to go

With our template, it’s full speed ahead from the very start. Crafted for UOB content, it’s designed for a rapid initiation, ready to go. With not only your piping, duct, and cable tray systems set up, schedules for coordinating and communication, tags for the UOB content, and many more aspects. Ensuring your workflow is not just faster, but also sharper and more intuitive.

We all know that most of the work in a BIM project is in ensuring a good start and establishing a strong foundation. Cut your project setup time by up to 40%. Our straightforward design and comprehensive features let you focus more on the technical aspects of your projects, reducing the need for time-consuming adjustments.

Unlike generic templates, ours is custom-designed for UOB content created by our team, who worked on creating 2.0 Revit families themselves. That ensures not just better compatibility, but also a more efficient and user-friendly experience. It’s designed to make your work easier and more productive.

Not only does it work seamlessly for the UOB 2.0. Our template is also set up to model according to the BIM Basic IDM 2 and RVB regulations. All parameters, including the GUIDS, and handy views and schedules are set up and ready to be used throughout your projects to make sure you can work according to these well-known regulations.

Don’t just keep up with the times—stay ahead. Our commitment to continually updating our template ensures it stays relevant. With our team of BIM nerds ready to assist you, you’re never alone in your journey to design excellence.


How does this Revit template support the UOB?

Our Revit template is tailored to align perfectly with the UOB. It facilitates the seamless integration of UOB content into your projects. It assures you to give you a flying start when using the UOB content, so you don’t have to spend time adjusting your template before using the UOB content.

The template is designed for users of the UOB to use it right away in Revit in their BIM projects. It’s a perfect tool for both BIM beginners and seasoned Jedi Masters in the field. This template is the way.

This template is compatible with Revit versions 2021 to 2024. We’re committed to updating it for future versions, much like keeping a starship in prime condition for new missions.

Some BIM users like to set up their project with a .rte Template file, using it how Autodesk designed it, while others BIM users like to use an empty .rvt file where their template is maintained. In this case, they can set up more than what a .rte allows, like for example Worksets. At DIBS42 we believe, multiple ways can lead to Rome and the choice should be left to the user. Therefore, we make both of the options available.

It will happen in the future with all your feedback to optimize the DIBS42 UOB template and develop a version 2. We will also make sure that we update alongside the supported Revit versions.

Absolutely! Our BIM Nerds provide dedicated support for any issues or questions related to the template. We’re here to help ensure a smooth experience.

Yes, the template is fully customizable. You can tweak it to fit the unique requirements of your own projects and workflows.

Yes, the template is available as a gift for the MEP BIM community both personal and commercial use, providing a versatile tool for a range of projects.

It streamlines BIM processes by providing ready-to-use, UOB-compliant components, reducing setup time and ensuring consistency across projects.

For now we have the DIBS42 template manual. Keep following us for more informative content!

The template is designed for Revit only in combination with the UOB plugin.

You can use it, but probably you need to finetune the template and this requires a true BIM expert or just call DIBS42 to sort it out for you.

We from DIBS42 highly advise the DIBS42 UOB template.  

For more technical inquiries, you can reach out to our BIM Nerds via email or phone, as listed on our website.

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