We are excited to introduce the first advanced tool under
the DIBS42 Ribbon— E-INS. Schema. Engineered for precision and efficiency, our E-INS. Schema plug-in refines and simplifies the way Electrical installationschematics are created and managed. Discover how our practical
E-INS. Schema plug-in can improve your engineering projects with more efficiency, simplicity, and precision.
Best of all – it’s completely free!

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How to get it?

Step 1

Sign up and download our free DIBS42 Ribbon with
E-INS. Schema plug-in.

Step 2

Go through “Read me” file for easier installation,
and install the plugin.

Step 3

Register using the e-mail you signed up with,
and set the password you will use.

Step 4

Enjoy using our free E-INS. Schema from DIBS42 Ribbon plug-in in your daily work, so you finish work sooner and stress-free!

To give you a quick insight into the tool, here's a video on how to use it!

How You Benefit from E-INS. Schema Plug-in

This version aims to work with engineers in a relatable, straightforward manner, highlighting the practicality and everyday benefits of using E-INS. Schema in their professional lives.

Schematic Generation Made Easy

Forget the trouble of manually placing every symbol and wire. E-INS. Schema from our Ribbon quickly takes data from your Revit circuits and creates clean, professional schematics in no time.

E-INS. Schema is here to simplify your electrical design projects. By automating the routine tasks, it lets you focus on the engineering challenges that matter. This means faster project completion and less overtime, so you can balance more projects or maybe even leave work earlier on the last workday of the week.

This plug-in gives your electrical installationscheme a one-click solution. No more manual placement of symbols and wires—just one press of a button, and E-INS. Schema uses your Revit circuit data to generate clean, professional schematics instantly. This tool is designed by engineers, for engineers, ensuring it meets the practical needs of its users.

Manual schematics can get messy and mistakes are costly. E-INS. Schema from our Ribbon automates your schematics to ensure they’re spot-on every time, helping you avoid unnecessary expensive re-dos.

E-INS. Schema prioritizes simplicity and flexibility. Whether you need to tweak settings for a specific project or want to ensure consistency across your work, our tool makes it easy to adjust, save, and apply your setups as needed.

Having an E-INS. Schema plug-in for free is a really meaningful benefit in an industry where costs add on easily. You get a fully functional plugin without spending more. We believe in equipping engineers with the best tools and sharing knowledge with the BIM community.

You’re working with Revit 2021 to 2024? Perfect, our Ribbon with E-INS. Schema fits right into your existing setup. No need to learn new software and disrupt your workflow. This easy fit helps to keep your projects moving effortlessly, avoiding technical problems.

E-INS. Schema Overview

E-INS. Schema offers a range of features designed to standardize your workflow even further:

Smart Family Loading

E-INS. Schema automatically loads the appropriate families based on the type of circuit you’re working with, eliminating manual selection and saving you valuable time.

Customizable Spacing

Control the distance between elements in your schematics for optimal clarity and organization. Ensure your schematics are accurate and easy to interpret for yourself and your colleagues.

User-Defined Parameters

Integrate your custom parameters into the schematics for a more detailed representation of your design. This allows you to capture project-specific information and details, creating schematics that are truly adapted to your needs.

The Technical Side

  • Effortless schematic generation from Revit circuits.
  • Single-phase and three-phase circuit support.
  • Dynamic family loading based on number of phases.
  • Adjustable spacing between schematic elements.
  • User-defined parameter mapping

Our DIBS42 Ribbon is compatible with Revit version 2021 to 2024. We are committed to updating it for the future version.

Specific parameters are required for families to work with the E-INS. Schema. plug-in. Default families are provided for a quick start, but you can leverage your own families as well. This tool is compatible with UOB.

Save and load custom parameters for efficient reuse across projects. No need to re-enter the same data repeatedly.


What is E-INS. Schema plug-in used for?

E-INS Schema is a plug-in designed for generating electrical schematics.

This plug-in is compatible with Revit version 2021 to 2024. We are committed to updating it for the future version.

E-INS. Schema plug-in is designed to assist electrical engineers in effortlessly generating detailed electrical schematics.

There is a manual with steps that explain in detail what E-INS. Schema is and how it is used. The manual consists of images along with a detailed description of the purpose of each field with the plug-in. A use case is also described, which further facilitates the user in utilizing the plug-in.

Yes, simply go to “Advanced Settings” tab, pick schema you want to update, and press Update button.

Yes! It is possible to generate schema for selected panels in both one schema and to generate schema for each panel separately!

Yes, you can use custom families, but keep in mind that they need to have certain parameters in order for schema to work.  For more information check the manual.

Yes, plug-in allows you to specify distance between circuits in Advanced tab. There is a specific input field (Distance between families), where user can add distance. The minimum value for this distance is 12.2 mm.

Yes, we provide our families with plug-in that you can use.

It is most likely due to the absence of Apparent Load parameter.  For more information check the manual.

No, E-INS. Schema allows you to save your desired parameters and will use them by default!

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