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DIBS42 stands for Digital Integrated Building Solutions and 42 is the number that represents the answer to all your questions – just google it. Located in three countries – the Netherlands, Serbia, and Austria – we combine the best of both worlds into a group of enthusiastic BIM nerds, with specializations in construction and building-related mechanical and electrical systems with the focus on people, process, data, and organization.

// Experience. Execution. Excellence.

What does DIBS42 stand for?

DIBS42 is the new generation of BIM specialists that create reliable, high-quality digital design solutions that are fully adapted to the needs of the construction industry.


DIBS42 strives to become the best data-driven, sustainable, self-learning virtual builder in Europe that provides innovative and effective services and solutions within the Construction sector. Our team consists of engineers and BIM experts who have years of experience, and have managed, produced, and coordinated acclaimed projects around Europe.


Our goal is to find new, smart and more efficient solutions for designing, creating and managing projects in the built environment.

We do this by consulting our customers using reliable, powerful data and creativity to achieve the highest quality.

We are committed to addressing all the obstacles we face, in response to the growing complexity facing today’s world.

By harnessing the full potential of BIM, we aim to bring about positive change in society, while connecting the physical and digital worlds.




We care about our communities and environment and that is why we are operating responsibly and developing better and smarter solutions to existing problems. Combining sustainability with innovative BIM technologies, we are working to create an environmental-friendly community in which people can grow with purpose.

Continuous learning and constant improvement

It is an integral part of our culture as we empower our employees in a motivating and inspiring work environment that is conducive to make every individual grow, learn and advance personally, as well as professionally. Our goal is to do each project with dedication and passion.


We are real, transparent, and honest, devoted to doing what is best for our clients while adhering to ethical, social, and economic values. Creating trustful and strong relationships and partnerships is one of our main goals as we grow and scale as a company.


Innovation motivates action and improvement, encourages curiosity, creativity, and new ideas. The personal development of our team is important to us, as well as the professional progress we make as a company within the industry.


We try to connect with partners and clients to drive success and foster long-term partnerships. The hard work and commitment of our team will result in creating the best solutions for problems and challenges our clients are facing.


We are making the implementation of the BIM technology throughout the complete project lifecycle simple while providing clarity and straightforward information about the process of our services. By keeping things simple, we keep an appropriate amount of attention on the most important task at the appropriate perspective and time.

// team


There is nothing more powerful than employees’ passion and initiative to deliver successful results and embody the mission of the company.  Our team consists of creative and talented individuals who represent the brand itself and are the voice of our company, reflecting and honoring our values.