Maatwerk Training – Kuijpers

Maatwerk Training – Kuijpers










8 trainees 

Project info:

A customizing training for Kuijpers on advanced Revit MEP family creation, aiming to teach specific skills and knowledge beyond the basics. It covered everything from fundamental principles to advanced techniques, including the use of third-party tools. The training was hands-on, designed to enhance Kuijpers’ team efficiency and project quality.

Client brief info:

Kuijpers, a family-owned company with over 100 years of experience, is a leading Dutch service provider with over 1,200 employees and multiple offices nationwide. They specialize in designing, constructing, and maintaining energy-efficient technical systems for buildings and industries, focusing on creating healthier living and working environments.

The Challenge:

Kuijpers faced challenges with the standard training programs not fully meeting their team’s needs for specialized knowledge in creating and managing Revit families. They required a tailored program that could be used for various skill levels within their team and cover specific methodologies and third-party software content.

The Approach:

The approach taken involved designing a training program divided into four half-day sessions. These sessions were crafted to progressively build up knowledge and skills, from basic to advanced levels, ensuring relevance and applicability to Kuijpers’ specific requirements. The training emphasized practical, hands-on learning, supported by detailed resources and tools for effective implementation.

The Outcome:

Upon completion, Kuijpers’ team gained better insight and improved skills in Revit family creation. They received helpful materials for continued learning and application, leading to better family building on the projects and hopefully more efficiency and effectiveness as outcomes.

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