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DIBS42 Revit template for UOB

Elevate your BIM workflow with our tailor-made template for the UOB plugin content! This template saves setup time while using the UOB content and simplifies your workflow. It gives you a flying start while using the UOB. It’s not just about working faster, it’s about working smarter, with an intuitive, set-up template right at your fingertips.

E-INS. Schema Icon

DIBS42 Ribbon

We are excited to introduce the first advanced tool under the DIBS42 Ribbon— E-INS. Schema. Engineered for precision and efficiency, our E-INS. Schema plug-in refines and simplifies the way Electrical installationschematics are created and managed. Discover how our practical E-INS. Schema plug-in can improve your engineering projects with more efficiency, simplicity, and precision.
Best of all – it’s completely free!