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Djorhia Nijssen-Treskes

Final Boss Netherlands
  • Department: Management

Djorhia Nijssen-Treskes is a self-named BIM nerd. But you can leave out the BIM as well. You might run into her at a comic con dressed as a Starfleet officer. Who knows? Everybody calls her DJ, which has nothing to do with who makes the playlists in the office. Even though one of her cats is named AutoCAD, she is all about that BIM! 

During her mechanical engineering studies, she discovered her love for mechanical installations specific for buildings. At her first job she quickly combined her love for mechanics with her other interests: data, process, and efficiency. Ergo: BIM! She had the opportunity to work at some prominent companies, which gave her the ability to grow, cooperate with and learn from nice people and work on beautiful and challenging projects. 

At DIBS42 she is a Co-founder and manages the Dutch team. Her focus is on the people behind the project. A happy team and a happy client result in a happy DIBS42. Besides that, she focuses on process, data, and sustainability, trying to make the world a more beautiful place. 

Theo transparent

Theo Kaak

BIMBoss electro
  • Department: Engineering

Theo Kaak is BimBaas at DIBS42 with an electrical background and over 15 years of experience. He calls himself a practical Bimmer, is datadriven and is always on a quest for a perfectly set-up and neat model. For Theo, a project can’t be big enough, but he also places his love in the smaller ones. He began his working career at Kropman as a draftsman. There he was attracted by the software side and at Cadac, he was an intermediary with the Autodesk-Support team. His passion for building brought him back into the game of MEP-engineering and he worked his way up to BIM-coordinator at BAM and is now working for DIBS42. 

At home, he enjoys being with his wife and kids and in his free time, he enjoys playing on his Xbox. He loves playing strategy- management games and shooters. In online First person-shooters, he has an infamous k/d ratio, but he is always there to support others. He has a love for the Dune novels and uses a quote from it with every project he works on: A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct”. 

Vesna Mandić

BIM engineer
  • Department: Engineering

Vesna Mandić is BIM electrical engineer at DIBS42. She claims that she can determine flickering lights as electrical problems or demons, with 100% accuracy. Other than making unnecessary bets, she is always up to minimize even the slightest mistakes or visual ambiguities on the projects. Besides electrical engineering, she is interested in every aspect of BIM. 

She has an electrical engineering university degree, with a specialization in electronics. That foundation of knowledge was later built up with construction site work as well as project designing. These experiences helped her understand the building process in every aspect, and that knowledge she is trying to implement in all the projects she works on. 

Vesna is not a great singer but enjoys music very much. From an early age, she developed an interest in literature and philosophy and that is the reason why she finds it so hard to write her short biography and give a simple answer to the question: Who am I? 

Marko Pobor

BIM engineer
  • Department: Engineering

Marko Pobor is a mechanical engineer at DIBS42. He is always trying to find the best and fastest way to execute things, which makes him the perfect person for deadlines. He does his work very fast and efficiently in order to have more time to talk about his passion for gaming and share his opinion on diverse topics with his colleagues. 

Marko has a mechanical engineering university degree and many years of experience in mechanical engineering. He has worked for both domestic and foreign companies and in such a way, he collected knowledge about different types of buildings, installations, laws, and field recommendations. 

Marko is a passionate gamer who has all the equipment to enjoy the true ‘art of gaming’. That’s how he spends most of his free time. When playing games gets boring for him, he likes to go to the gym and do a very hard, and effective workout. 

Nebojša Perić

BIM engineer
  • Department: Engineering

Nebojša Perić is a BIM engineer at DIBS42. He is always dedicated to making every little detail on the project as precise as it can be. He does his work very carefully and efficiently, doesn’t like to waste time, and for that reason, before starting a new project, he likes to have all important information well-prepared in front of himself. 

Nebojša has a mechanical engineering university degree and almost 4 years of experience in the field. He is a mechanical engineer with a demonstrated history of working at the construction site (gasification of Municipalities in the northern part of his country), after which he decided to dedicate his career to modeling and developing HVACS systems. 

Nebojša is a huge football fan. He likes to play football on the field as well as on PS4, is a passionate FC Red Star fan and since last year Fantasy Premier League player who ended his first season in the top 100k players from all around the globe. When it’s cold outside and when there’s nothing to watch on TV, he enjoys listening to podcasts about military equipment, especially, about fighting jets, as well as podcasts about politics and history. 

Igor Đorđević

BIM engineer
  • Department: Engineering

Igor Đorđević is a Junior Engineer at DIBS42, working everyday different tasks as a Modeler, which makes him excellent for solving problems. Finding the solution is not always easy in this job, however, his patience and stubbornness help him along the way. Being involved in specific projects for creating the future with the latest software and technologies is something that excites him. 

Igor is always open to gaining new knowledge and experiences that can considerably contribute to his competence. He likes modeling all HVAC systems, although he wants to mainly focus on Revit families. 

Igor’s love for nature from an early age had made him become a volunteer at NGO for ecology and environment and now he has his own summer camp for primary school kids called “Tree lovers”. He likes being independent with transportation, and for that reason, he is always driving a bicycle, no matter the weather. One of his newest hobbies which he discovered during the lockdown is playing the PC game Counter-Strike with his colleagues and the thing he likes the most about this game is the complexity of it and  the skills one needs to have if one wants to win. 

Ljubiša Musović

BIM engineer
  • Department: Engineering

Ljubiša Musović is a mechanical engineer at DIBS42. He is always professional and responsible at work, finishes tasks and projects with excellent quality, and is always on time. He is a great team player and is always ready to pass on his knowledge to new colleagues. 

Ljubiša has a college degree in mechanical engineering and years of experience in the field. He began his working career at APEX EXPERTS as a Design Engineer in the field of automotive engineering, where he designed plastic parts for BMW and trained new employees. After that, he started working at BIMEXPERTS company as a BIM engineer, where he gained extensive knowledge and experience in the field of HVAC systems. Later he decided to continue his career at DIBS42.  

He enjoys cycling and tries to live a healthy lifestyle, likes to play football with friends, and collects football jerseys. In his free time, he likes to put together big puzzles, which is his passion and helps him relieve stress and improve concentration. Puzzles have helped him become better at organizing and solving problems, and in that way, he also practices persistence and patience.  


Marko Đekić

BIM engineer
  • Department: Engineering

Marko Đekić is a mechanical engineer at DIBS42. He can be best described as a dedicated and hard-working person, who is always trying to finish his tasks on time and with consistent quality. Before he got a job at DIBS42, Marko has worked for two prominent foreign companies as a BIM engineer. Having worked on numerous projects, he gathered valuable experience and knowledge that today contribute to the quality of his work. His strong mechanical engineering background makes him a very valuable part of our team. 

In his free time, he likes to be out with his friends, watch movies and series and play video games. He also has a passion for hiking and rafting, and he enjoys traveling to beautiful mountains and rivers in Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

Ana Kovačević

junior BIM engineer
  • Department: Engineering 

Ana Kovačević is the youngest member of the DIBS42 family and a trainee who learns mechanical engineering. She is greatly enthusiastic and passionate about practical mechanical engineering, which she is studying at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. Working on a computer is her natural environment, everyone who knows her can confirm that she especially stands out in animation, and it can be said that she is completely hooked on gadgets.

She has various talents, one of which is certainly drawing and special knowledge of art. She is very communicative, enjoys music, and has extensive experience working with people. Ana is extremely interested in all plans of the DIBS42 company and shares the vision of its further development with other team members. 

Boba Jovin

Boba Jovin

junior BIM engineer
  • Department: Engineering

Boba Jovin is a Junior Engineer at DIBS42, full of enthusiasm and motivation. In high school, he gained the title of an electrical technician. Boba has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and an IT degree in programming which gives him the right set of skills and knowledge to thrive in both industries. He is most proud of his ability to multitask.   

Early as the age of 5, Boba had his first experience with personal computers. One day he walked into his living room, seeing his father and uncle continuously tapping this weird synthesizer while they were playing Prince of Persia. It was at that moment that Boba fell in love with computers. Boba has been a passionate gamer for the majority of his life. He is a quick learner who lives by the motto: „If you don’t know something just google it “.  After spending two decades gaming, learning new programs, and working in a variety of professions, he chose to pursue a career doing what he loves the most: to design, create, build, and code. 

Martijn Pellekaan

Final Boss Serbia
  • Department: Management

Martijn Pellekaan is a BimBoss at DIBS42 with passion for Bimming.

“As long as it can be built” has a completely different meaning to Martijn. “Devil is in the details”, However without these details building can get quite difficult really fast.

Martijn is a person that shows true commitment to think along as far and big as possible when talking about certain requirements about crucial details. For some, this might get way too deep, which also can be unnecessary sometimes.

Previously, Martijn has worked at multiple companies in multiple functions, starting as a junior electrical BIM modeler till Bim Coordinator. However, Martijn gets the most energy out of his work when he is instructing or teaching other modelers the creative sides behind BIM, that’s what he loves the most. To keep himself sharp, he keeps an eye out on the forums and Youtube to keep an advantage (or at least have that feeling).

Some people now and then call him “the doctor” in the fields of Revit and IFC. He himself views it more like some kind of nutty professor because he can keep on rambling about BIM as if he is a walking encyclopedia.

In his personal life, Martijn loves to do DIY projects at home, gaming, and karate. Martijn also haves some hidden talents he does not practice that often anymore; like painting and sketching.

His idols are Bob the Builder and Bob Ross, because “we can fix anything” but never completely without “Happy little accidents”.

Martijn transparent
Mirjana van Wees 2

Mirjana van Wees

HR / Contract manager
  • Department: Management

Mirjana van Wees is an HR and Contract manager at DIBS42, whose specialty is to bring people together and help them develop their personal and professional goals. She sees the true purpose of her work in encouraging creativity and nurturing the individual talents of other employees. Her educational background includes a master’s degree in law, which makes her responsible for conducting all matters of law and contracts on behalf of the company and regarding its policy. During her college days, she volunteered and was a part of many humanitarian actions. Having worked with children in need and being an activist for human rights, Mirjana has devoted her career to helping people in every way she can. Winning at board games is her passion, as well as making DIY home decor. She enjoys organizing and managing her time wisely, while always being active and living a healthy lifestyle.

Nataša Dragutinović

online marketer
  • Department: Marketing

Nataša Dragutinović is an online marketer who creates and promotes digital content at DIBS42. A social media addict and enthusiast, Nataša is always searching for the best ways to boost online presence and increase brand awareness. Nataša’s passion for social media and content marketing and her drive to make progress and grow within the marketing industry at such a young age have led her to work at a company that nurtures and encourages individuality and creativeness. While studying marketing at the Faculty of Economics in Novi sad, Nataša is fully dedicated to growing her professional career. She finds inspiration in constantly improving herself and working on her skills, such as creative thinking, aesthetic sensibility, content writing, and communication. In her free time, she can be found reading books and fashion magazines, when she is not spending quality time with friends and family. Some of her talents include singing, as she spent four years as a member of the best high school choir in the country. 

Natasa Dragutinovic 2