BIM solutions
for MEP engineering

At DIBS42, we specialize in straightforward, accurate Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions to make your building process more efficient. Our team of engineers is dedicated to ensuring your project moves smoothly from digital planning to actual construction. We’re here with our BIM services to help your project succeed.

Simplify, Enhance, Excel
Your Project with our BIM Solutions


Tailored BIM consultancy services to steer your company to digital success on your projects.


Crafting parametric Revit Families from your products for your clients to be used in an optimized BIM workflow.


Creating MEP models you need accordingly to contract and your ways of working on schedule with a 100% success rate for every stage of the project.

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Skilled Engineers, Prepared to Support Your Project

Our Promise

Precision Engineering

We don’t just design – we create with a 100% success record. Our engineering-first principle ensures that if we design it, it can be built.

Timely Delivery,
Unmatched Quality

We ensure that all projects are completed on time and with superior quality. Trust in our ability to deliver excellent results within the agreed timelines.


Our proactive strategy enables us to identify and mitigate potential issues well in advance, ensuring a seamless project flow.

and Precision

The more we know, the better we deliver. Our collaborative approach means your input is integral to our precise output.

Realistic and Reliable

We believe in transparency and realism. Our digital designs are not just plans, they’re blueprints for precise real-world construction.
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Trusting Clients

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Do you offer a fixed-price option?

Yes, we can work on a fixed price and could take responsibility for the complete MEP model or for separate disciplines.

No. All our BIM Engineers are trained in their specific discipline, they know what they are modeling and can optimize, calculate, and make the best engineering decisions.

Using the 4-eye principle, and our automatized workflow we ensure quality through the manufacturability and weekly BIM quality checks.

We work with various standards, some of which we helped create. We use these to train others and share our knowledge with the community.

DIBS42 specializes in large-scale MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) projects, including fabrics, hospitals, airports, and office buildings. Our team of skilled engineers brings extensive site knowledge and a practical approach to every project.

Our team at DIBS42 is not just skilled in engineering but also possesses deep site knowledge, ensuring practical and efficient BIM solutions. We consistently meet deadlines, keep our promises, and have a flawless track record in official BIM Checks like RVB, Schiphol, or ISO19650 standards. Our ability to scale up swiftly and keep BIM simple makes us a reliable partner for your project.

Absolutely. We have a proven track record of successfully managing and delivering large-scale projects. Our team is adept at handling the complexities and unique challenges of big MEP projects, ensuring quality and efficiency at every step.

At DIBS42, timely delivery is a core commitment. We achieve this through meticulous planning, efficient project management, regular progress reviews, and the ability to scale our resources to meet project demands. Our team’s dedication and expertise play a crucial role in maintaining this commitment.

Our approach to BIM services is rooted in simplicity and practicality. We focus on making BIM accessible and understandable, avoiding unnecessary complexities. This approach, combined with our extensive industry experience and adherence to quality standards, sets us apart in the field.

DIBS42 is actively involved in the BIM community, contributing to the development of industry standards and sharing our knowledge and expertise. Our engagement in standard-setting processes and commitment to continuous learning keep us at the forefront of BIM innovation.