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Creating the best building services BIM for any stage of your Building. Build your project from scratch to completion. As our engineers have experience from the construction site, we assure you that we can solve any problem you have and accommodate every idea. We scan projects from .dvg, .pdf., or even a drawing. We test-run a building before it’s built. Adaptable, timely, and efficient in everything we do.

Precision-Engineered BIM Solutions for Your MEP Projects

Engage with DIBS42 for BIM solutions that deliver precision, efficiency, and reliability.

Centralized Coordination

Streamline communication with a designated BIMboss, ensuring efficient project oversight.

Resource Flexibility

Our scalable support adapts to your project’s lifecycle, optimizing team allocation for peak periods and scaling down when necessary, ensuring we build on your success at every stage.

Timely Execution

Our methodology is directed towards complying with project schedules, guaranteeing milestone fulfillment.

Transparent Cost

We offer a fixed-price model so you have control over your budget.

Internal Quality Control

We resolve technical discrepancies in-house, giving you only workable solutions.

MEP BIM Expertise

Your project’s success is our metric, driven by our specialized MEP BIM knowledge.

When creating your MEP model, we ensure precise compliance with your contract specifications, build it seamlessly into your unique workflow, guarantee on-time completion, and are committed to securing a 100% approval rate for you.

5 Steps for 100% approval rate

To ensure your project runs smoothly and on time, we build our approach around then “5 Steps to BIM Dreamland”. A proven way of working for projects of any scale. It works the following way:

BIM Check – Information Intake

We begin with a thorough data review, feasibility analysis, and project planning, adhering to the highest standards.

Kickoff – Assembling the BIM Team

Our BIM experience guides the creation of Revit content that works well, facilitating smoother project flow.

Start of Modeling

Setting the foundation with robust systems and models, we focus on clash reporting and efficient management.

Ongoing Modeling Process

Daily and weekly tasks, managing interdisciplinary clashes, and conducting reliability checks are our keystones to maintaining project integrity.

Final Phase Delivery

We ensure impeccable delivery, respecting client agreements, with rigorous final checks and revisions, delivering in formats like IFC, PDF, Revit.


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What makes DIBS42 different than other BIM Companies?

We are specialized in the most complex MEP projects, with the most strict BIM requirements. But even then our goal is to keep BIM simple and keep the installation efficient. If the client does not understand the way we build and engineer the model, we are not doing our job correctly. If the MEP design is super difficult to maintain, we did not succeed.

DIBS42 specializes in large-scale utility projects. Our expertise is particularly strong in engineering and creating detailed BIM models for complex and sizable hospitals, airports, fabric, offices, and government buildings.

Our approach to BIM modeling is deeply rooted in practicality and manufacturability. We apply our site experience and technical knowledge to create models that are not just technically sound but also feasible for real-world construction. This includes regular manufacturability checks and leveraging our hands-on experience to ensure every model aligns with practical construction methods and materials.

The ‘4 eye principle’ at DIBS42 is a quality assurance method where every BIM model is reviewed by at least two team members with their own specialty, this can be data quality, or manufacturability. This collaborative review process helps in identifying and rectifying potential issues early, ensuring a high level of accuracy and quality in our final deliverables.

A: Our ‘5 steps to BIM dreamland’ is a systematic approach to ensure successful BIM implementation. It involves an initial consultation to understand client needs, meticulous planning, the creation of detailed and accurate BIM models, regular quality checks (including our 4-eye principle), and final delivery with a focus on manufacturability and practical application. This structured approach ensures consistency, quality, and client satisfaction in every project.

The site experience of our team members is a crucial asset in our BIM modeling services. It allows us to create models that are not only accurate in theory but also practical and executable in real construction scenarios. This practical insight helps us anticipate and solve potential site-related challenges, ensuring smoother project execution.

Our proficiency in handling the demanding requirements of large utility projects stems from our team’s diverse expertise, including engineers with specific discipline knowledge, site experience, and our proven track record in successful project delivery. Our ability to scale resources, combined with our commitment to quality and timely delivery, makes us well-equipped to tackle complex utility projects of any size.