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We are experts who create smart Revit content compliance to the market standards for your clients used on their projects so that they know how to coordinate your product into their Building.

Get More from Your BIM Project with DIBS42 Objects

Step up to smarter BIM solutions with DIBS42

Cost Efficiency

Save long-term with BIM objects that streamline design, reduce rework, and keep projects on budget.

Effortless Integration

Our BIM objects mean a stress-free workflow, with seamless integration and no compatibility issues.

Trusted Quality

With DIBS42 high-quality BIM objects your projects run smoother, look better, and are convincing to people in engineering – that’s good for your reputation.

Unrivaled Excellence

We deliver industry-leading BIM objects, setting the standard with our expertise and insight into what client needs from products to be able to design or engineer it into their BIM model.

Added Value

Beyond the core benefits, our BIM objects enhance team collaboration, compliance, and the overall quality of your final construction.

More than


parametric Revit objects created.

From hangers, valves, and air handling units, to light switches and data points, easily adapted to any BIM project needs.

DIBS42: Your Go-To for
Better BIM Projects

Need well-created Revit content for your BIM work? DIBS42 specializes in making BIM straightforward and more effective, particularly for the MEP sector. As design and engineering specialists, we ensure every project benefits from our deep understanding of the critical importance of accurate data.

Custom Revit Content

Created for seamless integration, our content is designed for efficiency and precision, reflecting our expertise in BIM MEP.

Expertise-Driven Solutions

Our BIM experience guides the creation of Revit content that works well, facilitating smoother project flow.

Data Accuracy Focus

We prioritize the accuracy of data, offering solutions that fit your projects perfectly and keep them moving without problems.

With DIBS42, enhance your BIM workflow with crafted content that simplifies and improves your projects.

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How much time is needed?

We are quite flexible and can easily scale up or scale down, therefore with our team of experts, we can make a smart, lean, and parametric family quite fast.

At DIBS42, we specialize in creating Revit MEP families, leveraging our team’s diverse expertise in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering. Our team members, who have backgrounds in on-site work, programming, and specific MEP disciplines, bring a practical and comprehensive approach to each family we create, ensuring high quality and functionality.

The real-world experience of our team, particularly those who have worked on-site, is invaluable. It allows us to create Revit MEP families that are not only technically accurate but also practical and suited for real-life applications. This insight ensures that our families are easy to use and integrate seamlessly into various project environments.

Absolutely. Our unique combination of skilled programmers and experienced engineers allows us to develop Dynamo scripts that cater to both simple and advanced BIM projects. This collaborative approach ensures that our scripts are practical, efficient, and tailored to the specific needs of each project.

Our custom Dynamo scripts streamline BIM processes by automating repetitive tasks and simplifying complex modeling procedures. This not only saves time but also enhances accuracy and efficiency. Tailored to your project’s specific needs, our scripts ensure a smoother, more efficient BIM workflow.

Our Revit families are designed to be both parametric and lean, ensuring they contribute to efficient model performance without slowing it down. This approach makes our families highly adaptable and intelligent, providing all the necessary information for various project phases — from design and engineering to maintenance. Their parametric nature allows for easy adjustments and customization, while their lean structure ensures they are lightweight and don’t burden your model. This combination is ideal for meeting the evolving needs of a project without compromising on speed or data richness.

The collaboration between our programmers and engineers is key to creating Dynamo scripts that are both technically advanced and grounded in practical engineering applications. This synergy allows us to develop scripts that are not only efficient in automating tasks but also aligned with the real-world needs of MEP engineering projects.