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Electrical schematics in BIM

E-Schematics in BIM – 2024

E-Schematics in BIM – 2024 Introduction Electrical installations and overthinking go together most of the time. While you imagine it before the project starts those twisting lines might give a general idea, but what about the complex details – the currents, powers, and precise connections that bring a building to life?  This is where E-schematics […]

BIM Design Technology
Man speaking to our leader Djorhia on VSK fair next to 2BA stand

2BA’s UOB 2.0 Plugin: Test Launch at VSK 2024 with DIBS42’s Special Contribution

Step into the era of BIM innovation with the launch of the UOB 2.0 Plugin and the DIBS42 template at VSK 2024. These groundbreaking innovations are created by guiding standards of Dutch construction and BIM projects. By integrating cutting-edge technology and industry-leading expertise, the UOB 2.0 Plugin, paired with DIBS42’s specially designed template, offers unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and compliance with Dutch standards. Discover how these tools can transform your design and construction process, making it more streamlined and error-free. Join us in embracing the next level of construction innovation.

Guy on a construction site with blueprint overlay and hands that work on BIM project

Benefits of BIM

How can companies benefit from BIM? Is detection of a clash the most significant benefit of BIM? Does BIM help contractors to make smarter and more efficient choices when it comes to cost optimization? These are only a few questions the industry professionals are thinking about while creating a construction project. Over the past few years, BIM has become one of the most talked-about topics in the construction industry.